30 января 2011 г.

Stolen Kiss

Just my pets

Winter pleasantness

Winter pleasantness, and enjoy getting two letters, two Katya from Moscow:) like this happens.
Thank you very much for the pleasant New Year's greetings
And very beautiful and fabulous letter
[info]opossum_art   and I now have a ladder in a fairy tale 

a little sad

too late to get up ... short day turns out not enjoy, and a lot of work
recently reviewed the movie "Прогулка" like:)
I want to become the wind and fly ...


Frosts came and a lot of work ...


My illustrations on the cover of the notebook:)
notabook pad for artists and not just on the comfortable spring, all of it can be found at


22 января 2011 г.

Reflections on black tea

I like to drink black tea, sometimes I feel like a slice of lemon, and sometimes the mood you want to warm up and then black tea with cream, but mostly I drink it with cinnamon:)

I have a small question, but what do you like black tea and what you love to drink?

15 января 2011 г.

something like the summer of dreams

When you wander in blogs, skips the wonderful pictures that are not stored on the memory, and then I'm very sorry, because it is very difficult to find a blog where he saw them, and then the dream girl on a horse ... and an amazing bunch of different colors and a branch of paradise apples and butterflies swirl and the air is so fresh and the aroma around as a kid ... so good:)
 may not need to look for those photos, and they both left their mark in my head ...
Have a good mood, maybe with a hint of sentimentality or something:)

14 января 2011 г.

Red House

Red sky, horse, fairy ... Red House, and it's warm and delicious tea:)


A long time ago I heard that it is easy to make yogurt at home and what it turns out delicious ... Only probably not believed until the end, because I do not drink milk and do not like and he did not cook, but I purchased yogurts slays its sweetness ... and here I stumbled on an interesting post man  [info]pinnyvooh  of homemade yogurt and everything is so simple. maybe it's my time to try and ... I got it really delicious:)

1 liter of milk to bring to a boil and cool to 40 degrees Celsius, then add 150 ml of yogurt without additives (there are helpful bacteria that yogurt and serve us as a starter). In milk, yogurt enter, mix. Capacity to wrap up well in a warm place for 7-8 hours (overnight)
Bon Appetit!

13 января 2011 г.

Malanka and generous evening and great pleasantness

Today and generous evening and Malanka and the Old New Year's Eve, with the holidays:)

"Malanka" - a traditional New Year ceremony using masks. The name he is obliged St. Melania, the day on which the church and the Julian calendar, fell on December 31, old style. Even in the recent past, the rite was distributed over a large territory of Ukraine. By longstanding tradition of the ceremonial role of chief character - Malanka - played a guy dressed in women's folk costume. Other roles also served as the guys. Rite, is derived from agro-magical practices of the ancient Slavs, in the XIX century. transformed into a public holiday fun, a sort of village carnival, which occupies an important place marriage motives. Masked members of the procession were playing New Year's funny skits, interludes. 

Schedrovanie - the old custom of New Year's rounds, during which the group schedrovalnikov (mostly young) songs glorify the owners, wished them health and prosperity, for which he received remuneration. Schedrovanie accompanied by magic acts, music, dance, mime, ritual games with masks. Ritual of Christmas songs - schedrivok (a kind of Christmas carols) sang alone master, mistress, boyfriend, girlfriend, the whole family, were schedrivky children, comic, parody.

We schedruem and sing under the window.
Fortune, destiny you want the whole group.
Let your flower golden cornfields,
Life to be happy in the future.

And the great pleasure of surprising person Holya [info]krivusheva  thanks a lot, so everything is beautiful, I love it!

10 января 2011 г.

the stars light up

Monday is almost over, now you can wish a good productive week;)
Stars in the sky light up ... Snowflakes whirl, horses.

old favorite music

At Last.fm, I have long, listen, he writes himself, something creates, organizes, displays ... then moving, cleaning computers, burn music to CDs, their loss, it's not already collected, but no ...
Last.fm something saved, but listening to his favorite, he does not, and if something gives way is by subscription only ...
Thank them for their lists they have, and music can be collected again;) now listen to and remember having fun, so ...
my last.fm

1 января 2011 г.

new year started

Start the new year began, continuing a wonderful winter, very beautiful:)
I want to wish the year was fruitful, kind and sincere,
to reflect fulfilled, at least a little bit ...
and of everything-all and a little bit of magic;)