15 января 2011 г.

something like the summer of dreams

When you wander in blogs, skips the wonderful pictures that are not stored on the memory, and then I'm very sorry, because it is very difficult to find a blog where he saw them, and then the dream girl on a horse ... and an amazing bunch of different colors and a branch of paradise apples and butterflies swirl and the air is so fresh and the aroma around as a kid ... so good:)
 may not need to look for those photos, and they both left their mark in my head ...
Have a good mood, maybe with a hint of sentimentality or something:)

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  1. нагадує дитячі малюнки... а для мене дитячі малюнки - найкращі, бо дарують тепло:)
    так просто і так чудово...